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 We are aware that the procedure for making payments on our site can be very confusing. We have 3 different methods of payment, which are:

Pay by Check: (can mail us a check with your order, if you don’t want to wait for processing time, no problem, just let us know (email or phone) and we will send your order immediately. When your check gets to us, we will credit your account. No need to wait

Pay with Pay Pal: Works if you have a pay pal account:

Pay with a credit card:  To pay with credit card, click on the pay pal option, and it will walk you through how to pay with a credit card even if you don’t have a Pay Pal account. You do not need a Pay Pal account to do this.

We are working as we speak to correct this issue along with some shipping errors. Not our fields of excellence, so will take us a bit.


 Have been working on our website and expect it to be fully functional within the next week or so. We have added a new section which officially documents which items we offer a reconditioning service for. 


Our new shipping address is:


N7555 Hoffman Ln.

Gresham Wi. 54128

Tis about 50 miles West of Green Bay.


Discovered that Lionel made a series of cars that do not use the normal “eyeball” electromagnet to uncouple cars. So, we are offering a new uncoupler track kit especially for them. With all the other activities going on, new item developments have been put on hold, for example the dwarf signal controller.


TinMan is still available should you need some help with our products. Feel free to give us a call. It’s always fun chatting with you guys.
 So feel free to give us a call (262-914-0057) 
So enjoy your Fall/Winter season but please stay safe.