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Hello folks, Here we have a remake of an old standard. LW110. Originally a great transformer but does not meet modern standards. So here is what we have done with it to bring it up to current specs.

  • Change the Original Circuit breaker. The original breaker was designed to protect only the transformer itself, not anything after the outputs. They were very heavy duty and very slow to kick in. We replace these with a modern breaker that reacts much quicker, and will protect your rolling stock.
  • Change the Whistle Circuit with a modern bridge rectifier, which works way better, and now allows the unit to work with our “bells are ringing feature> Note the new switch installed on the front of the case. When the switch is in the up position, the whistle button activates the normal whistle/horn function. When in the down position, it will turn on bells or other accessories found in newer engines.
  • This transformer has a metal case, so instead of the original 2 prong cord, we changed it to a 3 prong cord which we internally ground out  all the exposed metal parts.
  • Modify how the outputs worked. The original design did give you accessory outputs but did not work using outside rail grounds. Back when having a common ground was not important. So you could not use with for example switches, rcs tracks etc.   We fix that.
  • Clean  the internal copper coils and adjust the contacts.
  • replace  the red short circuit light bulb with an LED and added a green power on LED.
  • We thoroughly check the outputs, not just for voltage, but under 2 different  resistive loads.  We provide our “transformer report sheet with the actual test results.
  • install a sticker on the side which outlines how to wire to your layout after our modifications. see px, This sticker is to be used instead of the factory original directions