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 Updates 11-20-22 

Unfortunately shipping costs have skyrocketed, so we won’t be able to offer free shipping anymore, but it will now shipping will cost a flat rate of $10.00 for all orders 




Updated 10-22

Wow Great news our web site is finally ready to use! 

Some of the exciting new features are:

All shipping is now free.

All our products we sell come with a 2 year no hassle warranty

Regarding the changes on our site…

How to find items:

A couple of ways, the easiest is to click on the category you would like to consider on the left side of any page, then click on the item category you would like to check out. Or you can click on the shop heading and see all the items we offer.

Once you see something you like, all you do is click on it and a complete product description will come up. After you have decided what you want, click on the left arrow, then click add to cart.  This will allow you to view cart.

At the cart screen you can see, what products you have listed, specify what quantities you wish to order, and see the total price for your order. Once you are done, click “Proceed to check out”. On the check out screen you can fill out your information for shipping, and, how you wish to pay. Your options are, mail a check, use PayPal, or pay with a credit card. After completing the payment options then click “Place order”.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call us Monday thru Friday from 9 am till 5pm central standard time. Don’t be bashful there is no such thing as a foolish question, plus you guys are fun to chat with.

TinMan AKA Rich  262-914-0057  or tinman@tinman3rail.com

 Our shipping address is: TinMan N7555 Hoffman Lane Gresham WI 54128


Ok so what?  Virtually all Train Transformers built prior to 2010, were designed for one purpose only, to protect the transformer from self-destructing. They were in no way designed to protect your trains or accessories. Yes… in case of a major short circuit the internal circuit will blow. The original ones can take as long as 30 seconds before they open. In that amount of time, you could potentially destroy sensitive electronics that many rolling stock now are equipped with. This new kit, however, is designed to go between the transformer and the center rail power. It will open almost instantly.

Each kit comes with 2 internal breakers which are totally independent of each other. The kit includes installed red LED’s on the top of the unit to indicate which side of the kit has opened its breaker.  Below are a couple of pictures that show how they are wired to your layout. We used the ZW and KW transformers as an example only, but this kit is designed to work with virtually all transformers.

The wires to the track lock ons are attached to the opposite side of the box.

These are available for sale for $29.95 and are offered as an option to our ZW and KW transformers for only $10. If you have purchased a ZW or KW transformer from us previously, we will send you this kit for $20.  

About adding surge protection diodes to transformers..Done lots of research, in brief, don’t do it. Check out about surge protection full explanation as to why we recommend, and other options which work much better.

We are very excited about this new addition. It has been way too long in coming. These new breakers don’t have enough oomph to be installed as a primary breaker for the larger transformers (over 150 watts).  But, using as directed, will run a train or a bunch of accessories all day and all night.  As of now, any of the smaller transformers we refurbish or sell below 135 watts, we are now installing internally.  This means this kit would not be necessary for those smaller transformers. Previously, we were offering installed fuse holders on the backs of the larger transformers which did work but were somewhat of a pain when you would have to change the fuses. These new kits eliminate any need for additional protection devices.