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Hi everybody, what a season this has been! We have had another record breaking year, with sales over double last year. Many thousands of track pieces, hundreds of switches and transformers, just to mention a few. As most of you know we are all senior citizens who enjoy working together, and trying to help a lot of O gauge hobbyists. None of us wanted or need full time jobs, but we have done the best we could to accommodate everyone. Fact is we are all very tired, and will be shutting TinMan 3 rail down on March 15th till sometime in September. Once again we are sincerely grateful to all of you for your kindness and support this season. Enjoy your spring and summer but please STAY SAFE!!

TinMan will still be available should you need some help with our products. Feel free to give us a call. It’s always fun chatting with you guys.


We have received many calls from customers who have had difficulty with the payment options on our site. We think we may have finally solved the issue, but feel free to give us a call (262-914-0057) if you wish.

So enjoy your winter season but please stay safe.