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Update July 2024

Hi everybody! Hope you are enjoying our long awaited summer season. For us folks
in the North, winter seems to get longer every year~!
We will be taking a vacation from July 1st thru July 7th and will not be shipping
anything during that time. You are welcome to place orders but we will not ship
them out till the 7th .
Lately we have been receiving some unusual requests I would like to share with

  1. Request no 1: I have 2 transformers that I run on 2 loops. I would like to have
    you make me a switch where with a flip of a switch I can swap the two
    transformers between the 2 different loops. Why? Have some newer engines
    that I want to use on either tracks that have special features that I can only
    access from one of the transformers. Ok, Sure we made one for him and sent
    it out.
  2. Request no 2: For your flasher control, I have 10 x units, can you make me
    one box to control all 6? Nope, 3 is the max per box, and yes we made him 2
    of them.
  3. Request no 3: I really like your super-sized LED’s can you install them in my
    X crossings for me? Sure, sent us 4 of them and modified the crossings with
    our large red LED’s.
    All 3 were interesting projects, which we welcome, but I doubt if there would be
    sufficient demand to warrant our advertising that service. Whatcha think?

O72 late versions switch issues. These made in China, are really not bad, with
the exception of the internal switch contacts are too thin and God only
knows why they decided to put grease across the contacts. Horrible idea!
After awhile the grease dry’s up and causes the contacts to ark and will burn
up the copper traces on the electrical switch mechanism. If you have some of

those switches, suggest you remove the motor from the switch, and spray
the contacts with wd 40. Let it soak a bit and rub off the grease with a q tip.
Be very careful not to bend or distort the contact arms. Once done, blow off
the contacts to remove any residue of wd40. If you were to late and find
burn marks on the traces, fear not, we have a solution to the issue, will be
adding a tech tip soon.
Yes we all love our trains, but for us northern folks, we need to get outside and
enjoy our relatively short summers!
Enough for now.


 Our shipping address is: TinMan N7555 Hoffman Lane Gresham WI 54128
TinMan AKA Rich 262-914-0057  or MS Tinman(Christine) 262-417- 4237