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Update 03-22-22


Hello folks, TinMan here.


     It’s that time of year again. We will stop taking orders from our site after another record sales year, tis time our tinman team took a break.

    So, we will not be taking orders thru our site, or on eBay after April 2nd, 2022, until about mid-September. We are of course available via phone or email if you have any questions, or concerns, we can help you with.

     Our plan our summer is for lots of R&R time, and of course replenishing our stock for next season, and developing new products. 

    After such a successful year we need to purchase significant amounts of O O27 and Standard gauge tracks, switches and RCS tracks, for reconditioning. Sorry but we do not work with fastrack, Cargraves or other plastic foundation or tie tracks or switches. Here is a list of what we are desperately looking for:

  • O, O27, and Standard gauge tinplate straight tracks.
  • O, O27, as well as Standard gauge tinplate curves, especially O42’s O54”s and O72’s
  • O22 switches plus O72 tinplate switches both versions.
  • All Lionel and or K line O and O27 switches.
  • Crosses and x’s all gauges
  • RCS tracks O and O27
  • ZW and KW transformers.

     We are permanently in Wisconsin now, but if your collection is big enough, we are willing to consider coming to you for pick up. Otherwise, we will email pre-paid   shipping labels.

     For further information please email us, and we respond with a note as to how our purchasing system works. Or give us a call. In the meantime, enjoy your spring and summer! See ya in the fall!

TinMan AKA Rich  262-914-0057  or tinman@tinman3rail.com



Our new shipping address is: TinMan N7555 Hoffman Lane Gresham WI 54128