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Updates 09-21-22

We are working very hard on our web site and have been running into difficulties that should be resolved shortly, in the meantime we have available stock on all items plus a bunch that are not even listed please give us a call should you need anything. Its always fun chatting with you folks anyway.


Updates 08-21-22

HI everybody, TinMan here:

Hope everyone is having a great summer. For us, it has been super busy. We have acquired over 400 Lionel transformers, and are busy, refurbishing, modifying, and upgrading some of these great treasures.    Have learned a lot about Lionel transformers that we never knew. Some great things, some not so great. On the not so great, have designed and incorporated some new features  in many of the old time transformers, for example:

  • Whistle control
  • Reversing circuits
  • Changing the original design so that accessory power will work using outside rail power, instead of totally independent. This corrects the issue on how to use accessory power for switches and RCS tracks.
  • Replace the original circuit breaker with a modern fast working one.
  • For all transformers with metal housings, adding a 3-prong grounded plug.

This has been a fascinating project, have learned a lot and gained a lot of respect for those original people that designed these units. We are preparing an interesting dissertation for the Transformer section of our site. Should be done soon. Check it out, promise our comments are as a direct result from our real-world experiences. Not wishful thinking or trying to impress anyone how dumb everyone else is and how smart we are.


We are very much conscious of the recession (ooops did I say recession, sorry forgot the powers to be says that’s not what is happening) that we are in now.  Pricing increases seem to be the new way of life for us. We are very much aware that this has a negative effect for many of our customers, who are trying hard to make ends meet with their fixed incomes, that are only affected negatively. Some of our items that we must purchase parts from outside sources, we cannot control, but will do our best to keep our products affordable.

TinMan AKA Rich  262-914-0057  or tinman@tinman3rail.com



Our new shipping address is: TinMan N7555 Hoffman Lane Gresham WI 54128