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Janaurary 19, 2021

Hi everybody, Tin Man here, We are still in Wisconsin. Looked at the thermometer this morning and it said 31 degrees.  Anyway we are starting to get back to normal operations, and as our way of saying thanks to you guys for your patience, we are offering an exclusive on site a great reduced prices on our fully reconditioned O72 and a limited quantity of brand spanking new O72 switches!   Check it out in our O gauge switch section!  Quantities are limited, so suggest you order soon.

Winter is here once again, our crew in Arizona is enjoying 70 + days, while those in Wisconsin feel blessed to see the thermometer reach 30 degrees.

We are however working  on some new items, for example, A new signal controller for semaphore, dwarf, or high stick indicators that tell an engineer whether to proceed or stop. Basically if the light is green proceed, If red Stop. Our new control will work with several different controls, and will automatically switch the signals from red to green or visa versa. They will work similar to how the original Lionel infra-red controllers worked, except a whole lot cheaper and work better. Each control box will handle 2 independent signals, but is heavy duty enough to handle a dozen or more.


  • Our new kit specifically for the milk/cattle cars;. The milk cars especially do not like wide open voltages, and want anywhere from 9 to 13 volts to operate. Unfortunately, a lot of transformers do not have that capability, or if they do are being used for switches lights etc. So our new kit contains, a  new dual controller, one which is a typical remote control track with uncoupler (included in kit) another for just the milk car, (also included), and a simple variable output transformer just for the system.  
  • Our popular flasher kit, we have had difficulty acquiring parts, but have finally found a supplier, expect to have back to sell shortly


  • A repair kit for the O72 switches. This kit contains a specially designed controller specifically for the O72 switches which will need a slight modification. This mod consists of installing 2 small jumper wires that need to be soldered in place. If you like we will do this mod for you for a pair of switches for a grand total of $15 including shipping costs back to you. Looks like the whole kit to handle 2 switches will cost less than $50.  The kit also contains the controller with the Rob Nelson cd system, to insure the switches will operate correctly when the no d rail function is activated.
  • New larger and heavier duty boxes for our switch controllers.

We have received many calls from customers who have had difficulty with the payment options on our site. We think we may have finally solved the issue.

So enjoy your winter season but please stay safe.