O Gauge Track

TinMan’s Favorite Gen II

Being in the business of selling reconditioned track, we see a lot of used track in different conditions. Some are missing parts and bent, Some are rusted so bad, they are pitted, can’t be salvaged. Some are hard to tell apart from new. The most difficult track to recondition is the badly stained tracks.
So how does it get that way in the first place? The same reason real train tracks are shinny on the top and black on the sides. The grease, oils, and other lubricants that we use on our trains to keep them running at their best dribble down the sides of the rails. Unless we want to spend our valuable train time, cleaning it off, the sides of the tracks are going to stain. These stains do not affect the electrical characteristics of the tracks in any way. On the real train tracks all that gunk that leaks down on the tracks, from wheels, bearings and gears actually ends up protecting the track from rust! Then add some dust and grit, and you have shinny tops and stained dark sides.
Enter TinMan’s favorite. This track is designed to be used! We think they are better than new at less than 1/2 the price. This is track that we paint. The tracks are painted with Rustoleum flat black enamel. The paint is then removed from the tops, resize the tubes for proper pin fit, if necessary.
At this point the pins are removed, and replaced with our new stainless steel pins, (because we have found the original steel pins will often rust or corrode inside the tubes of the track). The tops of the tracks are then given a final cleaning and polishing, using out newly discovered method, and they are ready for you. The pictures do not do the track justice. The tops and sides of the rails are bright and polished, and look brand new. They are tested for proper electrical continuity and tight fitting pins.
This is a track that will be as rust resistive that you can find, will require a minimum of attention while in use, and stores very well. We like to say this is track that your great great grandchildren can remove from storage give it a quick wipe, and put it down on a layout and run trains!

Last year we discovered finally after years in the business, the proper way of cleaning and polishing tracks. Unfortunately, the new system requires some very expensive equipment, making it not practical for the average guy. It is such an improvement that we renamed this series of track “GenII”;
All the tracks we sell, for each order of 10  pieces we will install a very special power tap on the tracks for you. Heres how it works, First we grind off a small portion of the finish

Next we tin the place where we ground off the finish

Then we solder the wires on the track, and add a sealer/strain relief using black hot glue so you end up with what is shown which happens to be an O27 track

Straight pieces

You’ll need 22,625,856 of these pieces to run your railroad from Chicago, Illinois, to Anchorage, Alaska. Better give us a few extra days for that order!

Half Length 5.5” Straight Track

Good news! You’ll only need 2,545,920 of these to run from North Platte, Nebraska, to Cheyenne, Wyoming.

The following are also available, but not shown in pictures all are sold in lots of 4 pieces:

Curved  pieces

What the numbers mean for example O31. O31 means that if you put enough pieces together to make a circle, the diameter of the circle will be 31 inches. The number of pieces to make a circle varies by the size. All curves are sold in groups which make a circle

Special track

Insulated track’s

Insulated tracks are those where one of the outside rails that are normally shorted to ground, are insulated with a wire soldered on the bottom, and insulated pins are also added. These tracks are very popular for operating accessories, for example crossing gates and x’s as well as making your own no d rail features for switches. While straights are shown, because we hand make these, we can provide any kind size or curve radius tracks you would like, just email or call in your requests. All insulated tracks are sold in groups of 4.

Power tap tracks

These tracks are normal tracks with a soldered and sealed wires on the bottom, eliminated the needs for lock ons. Pictured are straight tracks but if so desired we can make in virtually any track we sell just let us know your preference, and the connections will be sealed. Sold in groups of 4 tracks

 Uncoupler & unloader tracks:

These tracks have both the uncoupler, and unload feature, and include our new controller, which is described in detail in the controller section of this site. The set includes 2 tracks and 1 new controller for both tracks. This new controller is a way better than the old style, in that it will not short out, and for the operate function, will operate continuously until you turn it off.,  If you prefer the original Lionel controllers, let us know we can provide instead of the upgraded control for no additional cost. These sets are available in two versions. The first uses our normal 8ft cable.  The second  version offers 25ft cable with much heavier wire, which is necessary to accommodate the additional length

Uncoupler/unloader Track Sets 

Unloader tracks

These tracks are designed for unloading purpose only and come with 2 toggle switches (push once for on again for off) they are illuminated so you can see they are on. These are really nice for some of the larger toys, like the lumber yards etc.

 Crosses and X tracks:

These tracks will be modified for you at no extra charge, to enable you to operate 2 different trains simultaneously if you wish.  Why did they not come that way? Have no idea, no reason not to build that way.

X tracks, sold each

Cross tracks, (no angle)