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Wow what a season we have had! Thanks to all of you another record year.

Our commitment to O27 has been well appreciated and is more than alive and well. It now represents real close to 50% of our total business!  Our terrific crew who has been working their tails off in order to keep up with the demand. All of us being seniors, are just plain tuckered out!

As a result, we have decided to shut down the majority of our business for the season around March 1st. The exception will be our offerings of TinMan O and O27 tracks. We have a new crew who has produced a nice inventory of these items, so we will be able to continue shipping just those items till we reopen full speed in the fall again.

As previously mentioned, we are still very interested in talking to folks who would like to carry on the legacy we started. It would be a real shame to see this business die with us.

Boy oh Boy, did we get into trouble!  I had a couple of comments and or questions regarding the use of our KW and ZW transformers with modern engines etc that have electronic sound controls, and or Bluetooth operation. We have not had a single complaint from our customers regarding any issues. I however am not that experienced with some of these new modern gadgets, so I figured I would turn to the “experts?” regarding the subject on one of the forums.  Well did we get clobbered with negative comments regarding our methods of reconditioning. I was even reminded that we were admonished several years ago about our methods. Gosh gee whiz, I had to find my dictionary to figure out what that meant! Finally figured out it was a fancy shame shame on you! Anyway if you are interested I am preparing a full report on the page after page of comments we received, and have placed it at the introduction of our transformer section. Promise it will be a fun read.

Some really interesting new developments this year. We have redesigned our controllers as well as now modifying the remote control tracks themselves, to prevent damage from activating the uncoupler coil too long.  A note on this one, our new uncoupler tracks will no longer work with the old style 2 orange button controllers. Also the new controllers will not work with the old tracks unless they were modified.  A further explanation is in the product description and we are preparing a tech tip as to how you can modify your old tracks yourself. Pretty cool stuff.

We happened to get quite a large inventory of Standard Gauge track and have refurbished them to TinMan gen II. They have been very well received and will now be offering them as a regular addition to our line. Our Lionel Galvanized tracks, (made between I think 1949 and 1952?) is doing well and is a very economical choice for folks.

Regarding the issues with the “made in China” O22 and O72 switches. We have come up with a solution, and are preparing a new tech tip, as to how we have ultimately solved the issues with them.

My daughter who lives next door to us at our Wisconsin home tells me there is still 24” of snow on the ground. When it finally all but disappears we will be heading that way. Once there we will be activating our plea once again that we are in need of Track, transformers, and switches. If you have some excess inventories of O, O27 and now standard gauge, that you would like to dispose of please contact us @ tinman@tinman3rail.com, or 262-914-0057. I can promise you that we will bring new life to those items and they will be appreciated and used on lots of layouts for generations to come. Not a bad legacy.

Oh yeah, a final personal observation…Our hobby is a dying one due to the only interested parties are passing on……NOT TRUE! The newest generations of kids  consider computer games and smart phones as old hat, are discovering a new world of building and operating trains again. Why? Because it is a rare item that they can work with their dads, and grandparents with and is totally new to them. Think I’m wrong? Did you know that Lego is selling more plastic blocks than ever before! Both Lionel and MTH are currently very healthy. More, later, enjoy your spring (if it ever gets here!)