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Hi everybody, TinMan here.  Seems that we owe an apology to lots of you folks. When we announced our closing of the season on March 1st, we had no idea of the effect the Corona virus would have on all our lives. We are now in Wisconsin and are like the rest of the country, quarantined in our home. All of our inventory is in Arizona, and the balance of our crew, are now in their respective homes, away from Arizona. Had we known we should have stuck around so we can help with a lot of people who are stuck in their homes and want to work on their layouts. Sorry about that.

Anyway is a great time to get caught up with other duties. To whit, we have several new additions in our tech tips, including a very extensive work on the O22 switches, and a solution you guys can do for the failing made in china O72 switches.

We are also going to work on our web site trying to make it easier to order and correct some other faults.

New items coming for the fall season.

A two signal controller for semaphore, dwarf, or high stick indicators that tell an engineer whether to proceed or stop. Basically if the light is green proceed, If red Stop. Our new control will work with several different controls, and will automatically switch the signals from red to green or visa versa. They will work similar to how the original Lionel infra-red controllers worked, except a whole lot cheaper and work better. Each control box will handle 2 independent signals, but is heavy duty enough to handle a dozen or more.

New larger and heavier duty boxes for our switch controllers.

We now will have our own O27 insulated pins. Could not find a good enough quality at a reasonable price, so we now are having a company manufacture for us.

The virus is also having an effect on another issue for us. We do the majority of our purchasing of switches, transformers, remote control tracks etc at train shows. As you know a lot of dealers that sell at these shows, buy peoples collections, but do not want to fool around with the things we do, so they become good suppliers for us.  So we are going to be looking for other sources to give us an inventory of items we can recondition. If you have some of these items, feel free to email us or give us a call. We get some pretty good rates with UPS so we can provide you with the necessary shipping labels. When packing these items one large box is cheaper to ship then 2 smaller boxes for what it is worth.

So enjoy your summer but please stay safe.