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Hi TinMan here:

We mentioned that we have had a very busy summer moving our residence. As a result we have not spent the time on our website that we should have to eliminate a lot of bugs. Here it is entering the holiday season, and we are still struggling with our site. We think we may have gotten rid of most of them, but please if you discover an issue let us know. Web site development and maintenance is not in our repertory of excellence, but we are trying. If you are having difficulty placing an order, you can always give us a call or send an email to place your order. tinman@tinman3rail.com or 262-914-0057

In the meantime, we have made several changes in our products.

  • We have increased the capacity of the switches used in our switch controllers with the spur operation.
  • The O gauge remote control tracks and controllers have been redesigned and modified so that when using the unload function you no longer will be turning on the uncouple feature. The operation of the uncoupler is now a totally separate function.
  • We have significantly increased our inventory for O27 tracks and switches. We have just about eliminated all brite and shiny O27 tracks in favor of our TinMan gen II process.
  • We have now sufficient quantities of what we call our “Korean era” tracks which are galvanized vs tinplated in the O27 line. This is some really great stuff and because we need to do so little with it, we can sell it for some very reasonable $.
  • Transformers especially the ZW and KW models, have I think, reached, their ultimate in renovations. We now replace the power cords, on these units, with 3 prong plugs which allow us to ground the outside metal plates on the transformers. A great new safety feature. We have added a report card with each transformer which informs the customer exactly how their transformer preforms, not just idling along, but under real load conditions! Our tests now include operating the transformers with a 1 ½ amp and a 6 amp load test. We now automatically change out the old style open contact circuit breakers with sealed 10 amp units. It is really amazing what you discover when operating the transformers under a real load.
  • A few words regarding the “Made in China” O72 and O31 switches. There are issues with the internal sliding switch. The copper plating they used is so thin it is wearing thru. This will cause the switch not to throw completely and or not work at all. We have tried to rebuild them and do a patch job on the switch mechanisms, but it just isn’t right. What we have come up with is modifying the old dependable O22 switch motors to work on the made in China O72 switches. It’s a lot of work and requires removing some items from the original switch and moving to the O22 bases. Once finished, the switches perform better than new. The problem is it is very time consuming, and the cost of labor, rivets etc is quite high. We are looking at a refurb cost of $32.00 per switch. This modification can also be done on the O22 made in China switches, but it just is not worth it because we can provide remanufactured original made in the USA O22 switches for not much more than that. So don’t throw those mischievous O72 switches out, there is now a solution.
  • Lastly we will be introducing a new old school flip lever controller using the K line models as a base. The bid deal is they will be very cheap, under $10 complete.