0 Gauge insulated pins 50 pcs


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Here we have another there has to be a better way!  We have for years been removing broken insulator pins from tracks and wondered why that was happening so much.

Finally figured it out. They were so cheaply made that they were not strong enough to handle any abuse what so ever.

Soooo back to the drawing board! After rejecting several samples, and paying several tooling charges, here  is our answer to accommodate Our customers!  These pins are made of a more durable plastic than the old ones, and are slightly longer. Yes I am not as tough as I used to be, but I tried to break one of these using my fingers and could not do it. The original ones? a piece of cake!
Anyway here it is for you, thanks for reading this rather lengthy description, but in case you didn’t know it before,. we really  do enjoy this business so occasionally we like to have some fun too.