20 gauge 4 conductor cable 50’ long


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Lionel normally offers 22 gauge wire for switches, rcs controls etc. which for 4′ lengths is fine.  Problems with 22 gauge are, significant power loss after 8’, and is difficult to work with, does not solder well and breaks easily. Our cable is 20 gauge and will work great up to 50′ runs. It is of very fine quality, with multi strands which makes it very easy to bend, without breaking, and very flexible. It solders very easily, without burning the conductors.  The outer cable is very soft and flexible and easy to work with. The inner cables are color coded which makes installation a breeze. Remember for multiple orders you still only pay the flat rate shipping. Multiple orders can be shipped in one continuous length so if you order 4 you will receive a 100′ cable, with no additional shipping charges.