4 pcs O guage insulated tracks


This sale is for 4 pieces of insulated 10″ O gauge tracks.

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Hi, TinMan here

This sale is for 4 pieces of insulated 10″ O gauge tracks.  Most folks seem to prefer the straight tracks, but are available in curves also. If you wish we will be more than happy to supply any combination of these you may wish, just let us know.

These tracks are designed  to be used to control all kinds of great toys on your layout, including, but certainly not limited to:


Crossing gates

The little man who comes out of his house when a train comes

Semaphore lights, to change from red to green

Warning bells

X no crossing signs


The way those cool accessories work of course is they are fed normally constant or center rail track power, and then switchable ground circuits.

That is the purpose of these special insulated tracks. When a train crosses these tracks, the wheels short across between the non insulated outer rail and the insulated rail. This then in effect causes a switching effect which sends a ground signal to wherever you want.  What’s special about them? First the fact that we soldered wires on the tracks for ease of installation. Normally you would only need a ground connection, but what if you wanted to operate the accessories from center rail power, there it is. Or if you wanted, you could use it for an additional center rail power tap, or both.


Any reason you guys could not do this on your own? Absolutely none, but please follow us by soldering the wires on the bottom of the track and then seal the solder joint. We use a special automotive hot glue, that is used in the manufacturing process. As many of you know we refurbish a lot of track, and we frequently run into a situation where someone has soldered wires on the sides of the rails. As a result the track is rusted where they soldered? Why? after all solder is lead, how can it rust? Because the heat generated on the track to get a good solder connection destroys the finish on the track, which is the rust preventive. So it leaves unprotected metal that is exposed to the elements. 3 guesses as to what happens.