Accesory Power Center with 2 power switches



These new accessory power kits are designed to make hooking up multiple accessories for your layout, from a single accessory power connection to your transformer. The output terminals are extra-large and can handle several wire connections each.

This enables you to hook up all of your switches, RCS tracks, or other accessories, to one accessory output on your transformer. There is also a very rapid action manual reset circuit breaker which not only protects your accessories, but more important your transformer from overheating and causing potential damage to the transformer itself! In case of an overload or short circuit, the circuit breaker will open, and the red LED on the top will light, indicating that the breaker has opened. The breaker will stay open until you push the red reset button on the side of the kit.

WE make 2 versions of this device, one with power on/off for 2 of the outputs, and one without. This model does have the power on off switches.

The second version is for someone who does not need the on/off switches.

Like all TinMan products these units come with full instructions and are guaranteed for 2 years.