Circuit Breaker Kit


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We call this new item our “Gunrunner” kit. With many thanks to him for his assistance in developing this great item.

So if the original transformers have a built in circuit breaker already, why do you need this kit?  The original breakers installed at the transformer factory were put in circuit for one purpose only. That was to protect the transformer from self-destructing. They were not designed to protect the outputs of their transformers. Yes, they normally will open should you have a short circuit due to a derailment or other ills. The problem is that by design they take way too long to open. Even with our changing to modern designed circuit breakers for the transformers we sell and refurbish, while way better than the original units, they still take too long to open.  There is a lot of discussion on the O gauge forums, that if you have modern engines with built in electronics, you should not use any transformer that has not been designed more than 7 years ago, for fear of damaging the solid state equipment built in some of the rolling stock. I understand the newest bigger Lionel transformers have corrected these ills. The only problem is they cost close to to $1000, and their reliability has not been good.

To fix these issues we found a source for some really fast acting circuit breakers that will open much faster than the original Lionel with any short circuit.

This kit will work with virtually any train transformer, over 80 watts

An added plus they will also protect your transformer from overheating, and causing damage to it’s primary windings, which will cause reduced power outputs.

There is a very helpful additional feature these new units will do. Check out for more   details.