O Gauge Track maintenace tool kit


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From TinMan 3 rail. We recondition 1000’s of pieces of track. As part of  the process, we remove the pins, and after polishing, reinstall them into the tracks. Removing the pins, no problem, 5 seconds or less with a heavy duty long nose, and out they come with a minimum of damage to the track. Reinstalling the pins is another story, which I am sure most tin plate guys can relate to. Occasionally we get a piece of track that was abused badly, like the one shown in the px. Normally this is time consuming grunt work. Not with our custom designed track pliers and track jig. The pliers and other tools are just the right size for O gauge tracks  and are wide enough to cover the entire pin if necessary.  You will notice that the top is cut, twice. It is designed also to squish (technical term) the bottom of the track below where the pins go. It is cut the second time so it does not hit the insulators on the middle pins.  The pins are almost impossible to reinstall by hand after resizing the track with these pliers. Using the track jig with a rubber mallet fixes that perfectly. With the pins in the jig, the pins are aligned to match where they should line up properly with the track. If the track is warped or  one of the rails sticks out (or in) further than they should, no problem. A tap with a rubber mallet, and the pins are installed (and they are tight) and the rails lined up.

These pliers are BIG! 9″ actually. Why? because after 70 + years of constant use, the hands just don’t have the oomph they used to. So holding these pliers close to the end gives us that little extra force, that a few years ago, yup was not needed. A side benefit. The front of the pliers is great at resizing the ties if we got a little enthusiastic with the cordless screwdrivers.
The kit also includes our now famous track tie tightening kit. With this tool plus a couple of other items you will be able to tighten those loose rails and make your own insulated track pieces

Like all TinMan tools these come with a lifetime warranty.

We are offering this initially at a great bargain. The price includes the pliers ready to go and the steel track jig.