Power Connectors for Lionel switches to replace old style bootstraps (sold in groups of 6)


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Hi everyone, Tinman here with another new item from of our “let’s see if we can make it more better” bag of tricks item.  This sale is for 6 plugs which replace the old style “bootstrap plugs from Lionel. This plug not only provides constant accessory power to run the switches, but also adds another wire (black) which is used as an additional “power tap”  Whats a power tap?  As most all of you know as your layout gets bigger the trains have a tendency to slow down when they reach some distance from the transformer. The solution to this problem is to add an extra center rail power taps throughout your layout. In our particular case every controller we manufacture, also has an additional wire which is connected to wherever you connect your center rail power. Why do we do this? Hey were running wires anyway to power switches rcs tracks etc. Why not add another wire in the cable? Then all we need to is connect the extra cable to the center rail. In the case of switches, rcs tracks, and many other toys, there is a place on the switch/ track etc to connect the wire anyway. For the O22 switches the outside tube of our plugs is automatically hooked to the center rail anyway,soooooo These plugs will also work with the O72 and the built in china switches