O27 Switch Control for 2 Switches and 8′ cables


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his controller is designed to replace the original O27 Lionel, Marx, K line, or any other remote switch control, with a big difference.  These controllers are specifically designed to work with any switch that does not have  the red or green actual light bulbs built into the stock remote control unit. This control has huge LED’s to show you from the remote control the direction the switch is turned.   This model is designed to work with switches that are not wired for accessory power and do not have the “NO D RAIL” feature. We also have listed another controller that looks the same but is modified to work with switches that do have the No D Rail feature and are modified to allow accessory power. The item number for this controller is:

  These controllers will work with virtually any remote control switch that does not have the actual light bulbs or LED’s in the remote control O27 and/or O gauge, From Lionel to MTH K line etc. If your switches do not have the bulbs in the controller, we have a separate listing for this item specifically designed for those switches. (note: These controllers have a green center button, the controllers for all other switches have a red center button) This controller  will also replace the original 1122/humpback controller as shown above. 

We offer these controls in 2 versions, the first is the normal 8′ cables to the switches. For greater distance between the controller and the switch, we offer 25′ cable lengths which have much heavier cables. 

This new controller has Large Red and Green LED’s which will indicate the position of the switch. We also offer a further advanced model which is designed to not only operate 2 switches, but has additional switches that are designed to control the power to “spur or dead end” tracks.

  There are 2 toggle switches (one for each switch) to indicate where you want to have the switch change plus the large “action switch” to push which will change the switch directions. You can change one switch or both at the same time if you wish. We make this switch in several configurations to accommodate virtually any switch. Please advise what switch you wish to use, and we will set up your controller for that specific application. If you have Lionel O22 switches we will also provide the advanced power plugs (shown in px) at no additional charge.

Since we offered these new controllers they have been very popular, and are frankly a lot more fun than the factory stock ones. The kids (and yeah the big kids too) really like the huge LED’s and the way the switches work

 To be on the safe side, please add a note to your purchase as to what switches you have and we will make sure they will work properly with your switches.  Or feel free to email or call  with the make and model of your switches, and we will be more than happy to build a proper switch controller just for you if necessary.

If you have O27 switches that have either added or stock from the factory, you may want to consider this same control with a “cd” circuit added. It is listed in a separate sale as having a cd option.  confused as to which to buy, give us a call. You folks are always fun to chat with.