Remote Flasher control for crossing Lights ETC Cord with Standard 8′ length cord


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No this sale is not for the crossing signal, we did not know how to advertise the flasher control, in as much as to the best of our knowledge one like me produce has never existed before, for sale.


TinMan’s Flasher control for model railroading

Our Flasher control has passed testing and is now ready for shipping. We will be able to ship this brand new item from our Wisconsin location immediately. This is a really great new item designed to flash 2 different lights or led’s at a programmable rate that you can change yourself. We employed common integrated circuit powering a relay that can handle up to 10 amps, or at 19 volts 190 watts. This translates to 20 incandescent models or about 200 LEDS. After final production we bench tested the controller by hooking to a normal train transformer for 48 hours straight. this sale is to control 1 flasher signal only. we can modify the unit to handle up to 8 different flasher units. Please call or email for details

To answer you techy guys out there, yes you go on line there are lots of designs you can put together, assuming you have some good soldering skills, know how to build a ac to dc converter.  Then figure out how you are going to make it work. Sooo while enjoying our screened in porch this summer, we came up with an idea of a little plastic box we could  together that will have 2 sets of wires coming out of it. One set will hook up to your accessory power and ground on your train transformer. The other  wire is  a 4 wire cable that has other functions available if you choose to use them. Two of those wires will go directly to the light bulbs (one left and one right) on your signals, or whatever you would like to flash.   That could be a single bulb just as well. Or how bout a flashing red, or green or both lights on the semaphores.   An insulated track  section, or one of those weight sensitive switches will activate the signals when a train approaches the crossing, and shut off after it passes all automatically.  You got Ho with dc or dcs power, no problem, will work fine with DC.  Oh,  you have more than one of these signal sets? No problem.  They can all be wired in parallel So only one of these is necessary for the whole layout. Directions are included for that. We will also can supply the large red LEDs with wires attached, ready to install on your signal trees, with all the electronics  already attached on the LED’s. Or if you prefer, check our new tech tip section for instructions on how to make your own.  Oh one other item the kit is adjustable for length of time each bulb will stay lit. Did not have a stop watch, but looks like anywhere between 5 seconds to a few milliseconds.

You can turn the flashers on and  with one of those weight sensitive switches, or our favorite an insulated track section, (our tip section will soon have an article on how to make your own) that insulates one of the outside rails, or any function you like that will send a ground (outside rail) signal

Inside the hole in the top you will see a variable resistor that has a small flat screwdriver slot. This is to adjust the speed of the flashing.

Like all of our innovations, will come with complete wiring instructions, including how to wire additional signals and other options, and of course we are always available via email and phone. We are going to be really anxious to hear about some other cool applications you guys can think of for this new toy.

Want to know more? A copy of the actual instruction papers and further explanations are available on the site. Simply google tinman3rail, and there you are

ps: no the pictured signals are not included.