Blue button controllers with standard 8’ length cords


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This control for all switches that have a remote control that has red and green lights. For example, the O22’s O72”s Atlis, etc. This switch has an on off switch in the center vs an action switch of the original design. The controller comes with two advanced power connections which plug into the side of the original Lionel O gauge switches.

  • The two toggle switches are no longer toggle switches. They are double pole double throw center off switches momentary. What that means is the switches are normally in the center straight up and down position. To change the switch position, you need only push up or down on the switch, and the switch will change automatically. Basically the same way Lionel’s flip lever switch controller worked.
  • The center blue button has been changed to an on/off toggle switch (push it once and it turns on and an LED in the switch lights up, push it again and it turns it off. This switch can be used for anything you would like to turn on or off remotely. For example to power on a dead end spur track, or a trolley or another train loop altogether.
  • There is an additional wire in the cable that goes to the transformer. This new wire is where you connect it to the transformer where you want to control power to anything you like.
  • This new switch, unlike our “spur control switch” can operate totally independently of where your switches are.
  • There is an extra wire at the output of the control which goes to wherever you want to connect something else.
  • The cable to the controller and the extra output wires are much heavier than the original ones. This is in case you wanted to run something that has a significant power draw, like a 2nd train loop.

This new controller will work with virtually any manufacturer’s switches that have lights on the remote control indicating which way the switch is turned.

The large LED’s that indicate switch position are our usual very bright models with additional circuitry added to ensure several lifetimes of use, without burning out, while using less than 1/100th the power of a normal incandescent bulb.

As with all our products they come with a 2 year warranty

If you are concerned regarding installing these

on a different brand or model switch, feel free to email or call.