green button controllers with standard 8’ length cords


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This controller has Large Red and Green LED’s which will indicate the position of the switch. Each controller will control 2 separate switches.

  There are 2 toggle switches (one for each switch) to indicate where you want to have the switch change plus the large “action switch” to push which will change the switch directions. You can change one switch or both at the same time if you wish. We make this switch in several configurations to accommodate virtually any remote-control switch. Please advise what switch you wish to use, and we will set up your controller for that specific application. If you have Lionel O22 switches we will also provide the advanced power plugs (shown in px) at no additional charge.

The controllers come with 3 cables. The long cables go to the switches and provide not only switching but constant accessory power for your switches as well as a center rail power tap. Wiring these 2 functions go to a plug that mounts into the side of your switches where the old “bootstrap” plugs would go. The short cable goes to the transformer. Upgraded instructions are included with your switches. If you have the Lionel O22 style switches you will also get our improved power plugs that will supply accessory power to run the switches and a power tap for the center rail.

If you are concerned regarding installing these on a different brand or model switch,  feel free to email or call,  with the make and model of your switches, and we will be more than happy to build a proper swit