O27 1122 Switches with Advanced Controller + Rob Neilson CD Option


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Hello folks, Tinman here with another bet you we can make it better item. This sale is for one of the best O27 switches ever made! Made by Lionel originally to replace what we call the humback switches, which were also great switches but did not have a no d rail feature (the option that will automatically change the switch position in case a train is entering the switch from the wrong direction). These switches only lacked one important feature. They originally only worked off of center rail power. What difference does that make?  Well that means at whatever speed you are operating the trains at that power setting is used to operate the switches. If for example you don’t like running wide open trains, then  it was possible there was not enough oomph to operate the switches. Not acceptable soooo. Time for the TinMan team to go to work. To fix the problem we broke into the power leads to the switching mechanism, and added 2 additional wires(a red and a black) that come out the side of the mechanism box. These added wires provide 2 functions. The red wire operates the switch and goes back to the controller which is fed constant power from an accessory power source from the transformer. This enables the switch to operate at lightning speeds, no matter how fast or slow the train is running. Pretty cool eh? We think so too. The black wire goes to the center rail of the switch and is there to provide a power tap connection.

Effective October 2023 these switches now come with super bright leds, never change a bulb again

Your transformer does not have an accessory power screw? No problem, drop us an email and we have some very economical solutions. Or if you prefer, google tinman 3rail, and there we are with full contact info. If you would rather not do that, then they are available identical to these except do not have the rob Nelson cd controllers, and are listed on ebay that way,

These switches have an extra nice feature that allows  you to turn the switch by turning the lantern on the top of the switch.

The controller that comes with the switch will operate 2 switches and has huge LED’s to indicate which way the switches are turned, Red for curve, Green for straight.

These switches are equipped with the Rob Nelson cd controller, for a complete how it works, check out the info in https://www.tinman3rail.com/switches/.