O27 Switch Control with Rob Nielson CD Option and 8′ cable


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Once again from the “how can we make it better” department. This time, however, we have others to thank for their input as to how to make it more better.

The story: Most all O27 switches made were not designed to work with accessory power, which means that if you slow a train down to go thru a switch, the switch may not operate correctly or at all. That plus, most O27 switches did not have a “NO D Rail” feature built in   Soo some really smart guys said, really, well we’ll just have to see about that!. The inventor genes were flowing and the next thing you know, solutions and therefore modifications were made to the switches, to add not only accessory power hook ups, but also by adding extra insulated tracks, solved the no d rail issue.. HOWEVER, what was discovered that if one parked a car or an engine on the no do rail function, the solenoids in the switch were activated constantly, to the point where they actually got red hot, and eventually burned themselves out!….The solution! A really smart guy “Rob Nelson” came up with an idea of adding a cd circuit to the accessory power that operated the switches. How it worked was the switches were actually operated by a capacitor discharging.  If a car was parked on the No D Rail track the capacitor would not recharge, and therefore would not damage the switch. Once the car was removed, the capacitor would recharge in a matter of seconds, and was ready once again to operate the switch again. Not bad eh?  We were so impressed by all all this creativity, we now include accessory power and NO D Rail capability with all the O27 switches we offer. In addition we now include the CD system in all of our “red button” controllers, at no extra charge. We just cannot take credit for the invention so we have named these controllers the “Bob Nelson Controllers”   Just our way of recognizing a really smart guy, who willingly shared his invention to anyone who was interested. If you are still around Bob, our sincere thanks to you. 

  These controllers will work with virtually any remote control switch that does not have the actual lightbulbs or LED’s in the remote control O27 and/or O gauge, From Lionel to MTH K line, marx, atlas etc. If your switches do  have the bulbs in the controller, we have a separate listing for this item specifically designed for those switches. () This controller  will also replace the original 1122/humpback controller as shown above. These controls are designed to work using accessory power from your transformer. Will not work properly using center rail power,

This new controller has Large Red and Green LED’s which will indicate the position of the switch. Each controller will control 2 separate switches.

  There are 2 toggle switches (one for each switch) to indicate where you want to have the switch change plus the large “action switch” to push which will change the switch directions. You can change one switch or both at the same time if you wish. We make this switch in several configurations to accommodate virtually any switch. Please advise what switch you wish to use, and we will set up your controller for that specific application. If you have Lionel O22 switches we will also provide the advanced power plugs (shown in px) at no additional charge.

 To be on the safe side, please add a note to your purchase as to what switches you have and we will make sure they will work properly with your switches.  Or feel free to email me with the make and model of your switches, and we will be more than happy to build a proper switch controller just for you if necessary. Any questions feel free to email or call

If you have O27 switches that have either added or stock from the factory, you may want to consider this same control with a “cd” circuit added. It is listed as a temperate listing.

We are so proud of these controls that we include them with every O27 remote control switch we sell.